Pascal Boyart Red Jester

Pascal Boyart Turns Parisian Street Art into Bitcoins With QR Code Donations

An artist has been coining it to the tune of more than 1.3 Bitcoins after adorning his work with QR codes asking for donations in crypto.

Pascal Boyart’s latest piece of street art, a mural titled ‘Confessions of a Red Jester’ in Paris, earned him more than 0.05 BTC in first five days of it being produced.

Pascal adorns his work with the Bitcoin logo and  QR code enabling passers-by who appreciate his work to make a crypto donation on the fly.

According to an interview with Decrypt Boyart has been using QR codes on his work since and has made nearly $12,000 dollars at today’s prices from the move.

He has also produced a guide for other artists looking to monetise their work.

The Red Jester piece is said to be a modern interpretation of the 1862 painting ‘Stanczyk’ by Jan Matejko, a Polish romanticist painter. It adorns Paris rue de Montmorency.

Boyart cites his other influences as Bruegel, Goya, Pollock, Seurat and Freud.

The former graffiti artist has long been a proponent of cryptocurrency, stating in previous interviews that Bitcoin’s decentralisation is “a good thing for creativity”.

Anyone inspired by his work can leave a donation through his website in either Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Monero.


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