Alistair Milne Bitcoin pledge

Bitcoin Will Never Be Worth Nothing Thanks to Alistair Milne’s Bitfinex Buy Order

Anyone ‘hodling’ Bitcoin (BTC) can rest easy in their beds tonight – their investment will never be worth absolutely nothing.

British entrepreneur and Bitcoin Bull Alistair Milne has placed a huge buy order for the current circulating total of 18.52 million Bitcoins, currently worth around $18.5 billion, to prevent it from ever reaching $0.

The order, on crypto exchange Bitfinex, will become active in the highly unlikely event that the price of Bitcoin ever drops to 1 cent.

If this does happen, Milne’s order will be completed – at a cost of $185,200.

He announced his surprise move on Twitter, writing: “I hereby confirm that #Bitcoin will never to zero (at least on @bitfinex).

“I’m buying them all at $0.01.”

This was his tweet on June 9, 2020:

The post was followed by a laugh out loud emoji, so it remains to be seen if he is serious about the move.

However, if he is, then although this may not be the fortune many crypto investors would be hoping for, but at least they’ll always get something in return for their digital currency.

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