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Bitcoin Fan Kayne West Announces Bid to Become US President in 2020

American rapper and entrepreneur Kayne West’s announcement that he may run for president of the United States has been welcomed by Bitcoin fans across the globe.

Mr West, also known as “Yeezy”, stunned his 30-million Twitter followers on Sunday by announcing his intention to seek office in 2020.

This is not the first time the music producer who is married to Kim Kardashian West has made such a pledge (think MTV Video Music Awards 2015), but nonetheless Bitcoiners specifically are happy.

The reason? Mr West has long been a fan of the ‘digital gold’, having expressed a desire to use Bitcoin due to his unhappiness with the style of the $20 bill.

Friend and Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk immediately jumped in and offered his support to Mr West.

It’s unlikely that Mr West would have time to launch a bid for the presidency this year. But in the highly unlikely event that he did and was successful, he would become the first American president who backed Bitcoin.

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He would give legitimacy to the cryptocurrency and could potentially lead to a huge surge in its adoption around the globe, and value.

In the same year that Mr West voiced his support of Bitcoin, Mrs West received a Kialara physical bitcoin.

According to ABC news, Mr West would need to run as an independent to get the necessary signatures to appear on November’s ballot.

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