Five Ways To Get Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrency For Free Online

Do you want a share of digital gold without having to pay for it? Well read on…

#1 - Free Bitcoin Faucets

This is by far and away the easiest way to get your first free cryptocurrency. You can start earning within minutes without any outlay or risk.

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Faucets work by rewarding visitors with small amounts of cryptocurrency – usually bitcoin – in return for your visit. The website owner earns money from advertising and the more traffic they get the more money they make.

Some of the best-paying and most reliable faucets are:

You’ll be paid in Satoshis (100 million Satoshis = 1 bitcoin) which you can then send to your wallet at somewhere like Coinbase.

Faucets are free to use, as are microwallets and Bitcoin wallets so there is no outlay whatsoever, aside from your time.


#2 - Referrals From Faucets

Once you’re familiar with free bitcoin faucets you can start gathering referrals.

Most faucets offer some form of referral programme. The average referral bonus is around 10% of any referred claim, but some are much more generous.

If you enlist all your friends, enemies and anyone else you can muster through your referral links you’ll soon see the Satoshi start to mount up.


#3 - Offers And Surveys

Many faucet websites offer additional ways of earning coins, mainly by completing offers and surveys, such as Cointiply.

Offers can vary from something as simple as carrying out a search for flight tickets to downloading an app to your phone.  The payouts vary according to the effort involved.

Surveys can also pay well, although they tend to involve a lot more time and effort and you won’t always qualify to participate.

#4 - Gambling

Many faucet sites offer hi/lo games or lotteries which enable you to bet your coins claim from the faucet (or deposit more to carry on playing).

We don’t recommend this method as a way to get rich as the old adage ‘the house always wins’ certainly applies, but some people do get lucky.

The Freebitcoin faucet for example offers a hi/lo game (exactly what it sounds like), an hourly lottery to win $200 that you’re automatically entered into with each claim and a bigger weekly lottery.

The top prize for the weekly lottery varies but is always generous and a lot of people enter. However, you get free entries every time you claim from the faucet so you don’t have to spend anything to play.

With both hi/lo game and the weekly lottery you can deposit bitcoin to play for longer or buy more tickets and obviously this is how the website makes its money.

Freebitcoin has been around for years and is one of the most trusted faucets out there. You’ll find many others offer similar games, but with less provenance so always be cautious before depositing any bitcoin.

#5 - Donations To Your Blog Or Website

If you run a blog or website you can ask people to make Bitcoin donations to help support you in your efforts.

There are several widgets available for WordPress and other platforms that generate a QR code in your sidebar that visitors use to make a payment to your bitcoin address.

It’s notoriously hard to get people to reach into their pockets if they’re not forced to, but it’s worth a punt, especially if you have a high volume of traffic and a loyal following.

Final Word

We hope you enjoyed reading this and please get in touch if you known any other great ways to earn free bitcoin online!