How To Promote Your Referral Links For Free With The Mellow Ads Network

We all know that claiming from free bitcoin faucets can be hard, repetitive work and that the pay-outs aren’t what they used to be.

While some people manage to stick with it and earn a few dollars, others give up and look elsewhere for their free bitcoin.

But there are a small group of people who decide to increase their earnings by promoting referral links, itself a time-consuming job but one that can ultimately lead to passive income stream.  

A popular way of doing this is to create a blog (like this one) giving people information about bitcoin and how to earn it while including a smattering of referral links throughout which you hope people will click.

Although you need to put in a substantial amount of effort producing original content and attracting visitors, once up and running this method can be quote profitable.

However, one of the difficulties in doing this is actually getting people to visit your blog and read your articles.

Some forums allow you to promote personal websites, but many don’t look too kindly on sites where the primary purpose of the content is to promote referral links.

However, there’s another way of advertising your blog without having to spend a single penny, and that’s through an advertising network called Mellow Ads.

This is one of the largest cryptocurrency-orientated advertising networks around and serves millions of ads across the web every day.

So, what’s different about this service compared to any of the hundreds of other networks? The answer is that Mellow Ads hosts a faucet allowing to visitors to claim free advertising credit every 24 hours.

If you’re not familiar with how a faucet works, here’s a brief explanation: a faucet is effectively an incentive to visit a site – it offers small amounts of cryptocurrency each time you visit or after a set period of time in the hope that you’ll keep on coming back for more.

On Mellow Ads the amount you can claim ranges from 500-3000 Satoshi (fractions of bitcoin) which is not a huge amount. However, if you keep claiming for a while you’ll soon collect a pot big enough to enable you to run a campaign which will attract attention.

You can either create an ad featuring a direct link to one of your faucet referrals or, as is often the case, one which links back to your blog and thus a wider spread of referrals.

The great thing about Mellow Ads is that you know your advert is being targeted at people who already have an interest in cryptocurrency and so are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Once you’ve created your ad you need to submit it for proofing by the Mellow Ads team, which doesn’t take long, and then you’re ready to go.

Once you’ve selected the duration of your campaign and how much you’d like to spend you can activate your ad and almost immediately you’ll start see live stats on its performance.

Word your advert right and you’ll soon start to see a steady stream of new visitors to your websites. And bear in mind that your referral doesn’t have to be for a faucet – it can be for anything cryptocurrency-related.

You can of course augment your free advertising credit by spending some of your own cash, but this is not a requirement and you are in no way pressured into doing so.

In summary, Mellow Ads offers you a free platform to promote either your blog or cryptocurrency referrals without having to put your hand in your pocket. If you like the results, you can always spend more.

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