How To Earn Bitcoins Fast

NOTE: This article is for information purposes only. CoinPot and all its associated Bitcoin faucets have now closed down. If you're looking to earn free Bitcoins visit Freebitcoin and Cointiply.

Free bitcoin faucets are a great way to earn your first free bitcoins but for some people, the earnings don’t mount up quickly enough and they lose interest.

There’s no doubt that manually clicking Captchas on faucet sites can be tedious and it can take quite some time to build up a decent stash of Satoshis (fractions of bitcoin).

But it is possible to increase your earnings considerably by following our tips.

Claim Smart

The first thing you need to do is ensuring your claiming from high-paying faucets that are reliable. These are some of the ones we’d recommend to get you started:

There are literally hundreds of free bitcoin faucets out there but many of them either pay poorly, don’t pay at all or are so loaded with pop-ups/spam that it makes it such a chore to claim that you never want to revisit them.

By ensuring you’re only claiming from quality faucets that don’t bombard you with adverts or pop-ups you can greatly increase the number of Satoshi you claim per hour.

It’s also worth avoiding sites that automatically start browser mining without your permission. This can put an unwanted strain on your computer and slow down operations to a point where it takes longer to claim.

Don’t Ignore Other Coins

If you use CoinPot, you should collect the other coins available. CoinPot features a convert facility which enables you to swap between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin as and when you wish.

You can convert instantly or when the rates are the most favourable for the coin you’re collecting and by doing this you can increase your claim rate from these faucets considerably.

This is how simple it is:

Branch Out

Always take advantage of faucets that also offer other ways of earning free bitcoin. For example, Bit Fun offers a range of offers that pay anywhere from 300 Satoshi for a simple flight search to 50,000 for a survey or even 150,000 for downloading and subscribing to various mobile apps.

To give you an example: if you take advantage of the flight comparison offers (often there are five) at the time of writing you can easily make around 1,300 Satoshi for a couple of minutes work.

Now, a lot of this will depend on how much time you want to put in to earning free bitcoins, and some of the surveys require you to enter quite a bit of personal information which may people may be reluctant to do - but ultimately it’s your choice

Browser Mining

We’ve written extensively about this here but always take advantage of this functionality if a faucet offers it.

There earnings aren’t huge unless you’re running your own supercomputer, but it still helps your Satoshi collection grow.

Get Referrals

If you get serious about earning bitcoin, once you’re familiar with faucets you need to start thinking about building up your won circle of referrals. This could eventually give you a passive income and greatly increase the amount if Satoshi you earn per day from your faucets.

Gaining referrals can be hard work and many of the forums and chat rooms which you think are good places to post your referral link do not allow this kind of post.

In fact, many of them ban you straight away if you post referral links, and once you’re banned it can be very difficult to be allowed back into the forum.

So tread carefully – if you want to use forums to your advantage then you need to find subtler ways then outright spam posts packed with referral links.

Often forums allow you to add a link to your signature and this can be a smart way of spreading the message about your referrals.

Signature Campaigns

You can also look at signature campaigns. This is where you display an advert in your forum signature and/or avatar spot in return for bitcoin. This can be quite a lucrative way of increasing your earnings but must campaigns require you to follow a strict set of rules.

Usually, the rank you hold in any given forum determines how much you’ll earn. The higher the rank the more companies are willing to pay you to display their signatures and promote their products.

Quality Posts

You normally need to make a minimum number of high quality posts each week to qualify, and often post to certain sub-sections deemed as having lesser value will not count.

In addition, you need to have a positive trust rating to qualify and if this changes during the campaign you are automatically excluded.

Again, it all depends how much time you have to devote to your bitcoin hunt.

Create A Blog

Creating a blog and posting articles featuring your referral links is also another smart way of increasing your earnings. After all, you're reading this now!

However, this can take a lot of time and you need at least a vague understanding of how websites work in order to do so.

Play The Markets

Trading is yet another way of increasing your coin count, but it can be incredibly risky and you can easily lose money fast. Because of bitcoin’s meteoric increase of late people who bought at the right time have been lulled into the belief that they can trade and always make money.

This is not the case – there is no way of reliably predicting the coin market, particularly with so many new coins entering the fray in the form of ICOs.

Tread cautiously and make sure you both know what you’re doing and are happy to lose your money before you embark on this road.

How To Avoid Losing Your Hard-Won Coins

It’s also worth considering things to avoid to help you keep your coins once you’ve collected them.

From our experience, nearly all websites claiming to offer huge daily returns on any bitcoin you invest with them are either pyramid schemes or outright scams.

Think about it logically – there’s no way these sites can be making the returns they claim. And if they could, every single investor on the planet would want a piece of the action.

Wide Berth

Give these sites a wide berth, along with most (but not all) websites selling ‘mining contracts’. There are genuine sites offering this facility, even if the returns are somewhat questionable. However, there are plenty of sites out there that are set up purely to scam you. Do your research before getting involved in any of these schemes.

It's also worth treading carefully with any websites that offer gambling functionality.

For example, Free Bitcoin, which is an excellent faucet offering many ways to make bitcoin, offers a Hi-Lo game as well. Having played this on several occasions I can confidently conclude that, like all gambling sites/casinos, the house always wins.

If you’ve got any other great ways to earn free bitcoins from faucets or any other method then please get in touch.

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