What Makes Moon Bitcoin Such A Popular Free Bitcoin Faucet?

NOTE: This article is for information purposes only. CoinPot and all its associated Bitcoin faucets have now closed down. If you’re looking to earn free Bitcoins visit Freebitcoin and Cointiply.

Many free bitcoin faucets come and go in the blink of an eye but Moon Bitcoin has bucked the trend and its longevity and high pay-outs has established it as one of the most popular faucet websites around.

To set the scene: Moon Bitcoin is part of the CoinPot Microwallet (read more about CoinPot here) family of free bitcoin faucets. Included in this are Moon Bitcoin Cash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash, Moon Dogecoin, Bit Fun and Bonus Bitcoin.

In July 2017 all these faucets began exclusively paying to CoinPot making it easier for users to amass a usable amount of Satoshi (fractions of bitcoin) which they could then withdraw to their wallet.

There are many reasons why Moon Bitcoin is so popular and why it’s winning formula brings a huge flow of repeat traffic.

Let’s make something clear – Moon Bitcoin is completely legitimate, as is CoinPot, and is probably one of the best faucets to use if you want to earn free bitcoins.

We have never had any issue with claiming from any of the Moon faucets and payments are made instantly to CoinPot.

Moon Bitcoin is unique in that it offers a ‘claim when you want’ approach. This means that you can choose to collect coins at an interval chosen by you (subject to minimum five-minute wait), rather than waiting for a set period and getting a fixed amount of Satoshi.

As soon as the timer is reset the Satoshi start accumulating, initially quite quickly then gradually becoming much slower. The general consensus is that claiming smaller amounts more frequently is the key to maximising your return but we haven’t done the maths on this so can’t confirm if this is true or not.

But you can also choose to let your pot accrue throughout the day and just make one big juicy claim when you choose.

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Generous Bonuses

Moon Bitcoin also offers extremely generous bonuses. At the time of writing these were: A daily loyalty bonus which can be built up to 100% over 100 days, a referral bonus of up to a maximum of 100% based on the number of referral claims made within a set period of time and an offer bonus based on completing additional tasks.

And if this wasn’t enough, you can also earn up to 100% on your claim amount with a mystery bonus and an additional 100% if you select the browser mining option and leave it running.

So that’s five bonuses up to 100% per claim. Add this together and you can see why people return to this faucet over and over again.

Added to this is the instant convert facility which means you can collect from Moon Bitcoin Cash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash and Moon Dogecoin and convert instantly into bitcoin using CoinPot.

Bear in in mind too that not only can you build up a 100% bonus on your claims from your referrals but you’ll also get a generous additional 50% based on each of their claims paid into your CoinPot account.

In addition to this functionality, the actual payouts themselves are pretty generous from all three faucets. Even though the speed at which the Satoshis roll up grinds to a halt after a while, it can still be a healthy amount compared to the average claim rates to be found on the majority of faucets operating today.

Few Downsides

In fact, there are few downsides to Moon Bitcoin, aside from the odd pop-up and the fact that a browser mining download window appears every time you visit. However, this is a small price to pay for the earnings potential offered.

Some of the advertising is questionable, although I doubt the site owners have any control over what’s displayed.

Be particularly wary of web-based businesses offering huge – and completely unachievable – rates of return on any bitcoin you invest with them. We’ve ranted about this before, but look out for the prominently displayed UK Companies House certificate displayed somewhere on the homepage – this is an instant red flag.

We’re not saying every site like this is a scam, but make sure you do your homework before sending any of your hard-earned bitcoin to a website purporting to make you rich overnight. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


If it sounds like we’re a little evangelical about this faucet it’s probably because we are! Having experimented with dozens of faucet sites we can honestly say Moon Bitcoin is one of the best-paying, most reliable faucets out there.

If you’re just beginning to experiment with faucets and cryptocurrency in general this is a great place to start as it’s extremely user friendly and you can set up and earning within minutes.

Check out our beginner’s guide to claiming from faucets to find out everything you need to do to get started.

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