How Can I Earn Or Make Free Bitcoins Online?

One of the first questions that people who become interested in cryptocurrency ask is ‘How can I earn or make free bitcoins online without any cash outlay?’.

The short answer is: Check out our favourite free bitcoin faucets/portals where you can start earning free crypto immediately:  right now: Free Bitcoin + Cointiply

This is a great way to get started quickly, but let’s delve a little deeper.

The meteoric rise in value of the ‘original’ cryptocurrency has certainly piqued people’s attention – not only individual speculators but global investment houses. It seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the digital gold.

It used to be that bitcoin was reserved for the nerdier sections of the internet community but interest in crypto coins has become so widespread that people from all walks of life are looking to get in on the action any way they can.

Unfortunately, the days of practically mining bitcoin at home and making a profit are long gone (although browser mining is popular) which means people are eager to find new ways to get their hands on some coins which don’t involve any upfront investment.

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So then, how do you earn free bitcoins without mining or having any particularly marketable skill which you can sell and ask to be remunerated with bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choosing?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, the focus of many of the pages on this site is faucet websites which dish out small amounts of Satoshi (fractions of bitcoin) to visitors.

Completely Legitimate

Before we continue, we want to clarify that faucets are completely legitimate and are simply rewarding you for boosting their traffic numbers and thus enabling them to make more money from their advertisers.

However, as we have mentioned many times, you need to be cautious about a lot of the advertising that these sites carry.

Many of it is suspect to say the least, particularly the companies claiming to multiply your bitcoins within a few days, or offering impossible rates of return if you invest your coins with them. Equally, many of the cloud mining companies that advertise also turn out to be scams.

We’re not saying all the advertisers are dodgy by any means but exercise extreme caution if you choose to engage with any of them otherwise you could lose all your bitcoins. Remember, caveat emptor.

So, in our opinion faucets are the number one way of earning free bitcoins online without the need for any investment.

And this is only reinforced by the fact that many faucet sites offer additional ways of earning money. is a very popular faucet site (you can read more about this faucet here) which offers a multitude of ways of boosting your bitcoin earnings. It has been around for a long time and is seen as very trustworthy and reliable.

Aside from the faucet it offers a jackpot every time your roll for free bitcoins, a weekly lottery, browser mining, interest on your balance over 30,000 Satoshi and a Hi-Lo gambling game. It also offers a referral scheme which pays out on each of the various earning methods it offers.

Claim When You Want

So, as you can see, just with these three sites alone there are myriad ways you can start earning bitcoins for free. The only things you need are a PC and patience as claiming a significant amount of Satoshi can take a bit of time.

If you’re impatient and want to speed up your earnings you could start working on getting referrals. Nearly every faucet offers a referral programme because it’s in the owner’s interest to get as many people visiting as possible.

Some faucets are more generous than others, with referral commissions ranging from 5%-50%.


Getting referrals can be hard work but if you persevere it can become quite lucrative. And there’s nothing better than getting other people to do the hard work for you while earning a passive income.

Some quick tips to increase your referrals are:

  • Work social media hard and get your friends and followers on board.
  • Create a blog or website featuring bitcoin-related content and use it to promote your referral links.
  • Join bitcoin-related forums and post genuine messages with your referral or blog in your signature (most sites don’t allow direct referral posting in the body of your messages and ban you straight away if you don’t follow the rules).
  • This final point kind of breaks with the theme of this article but you could pay for advertising across cryptocurrency-related networks, such as Mellow Ads. This can be quite costly and it’s a saturated market so you may not get a return on your investment.

The great thing about everything covered here that everything is completely free and there’s no barrier to entry in terms of technical know-how. Anyone can earn free bitcoins online and with faucets you’ll be up-and-running within minutes.

It really is as simple as getting a free bitcoin wallet address from somewhere like Coinbase, signing up to a faucet/portal and starting to claim.

So dive in and get involved in the world of cryptocurrency – it’s an interesting place and once you get started it’s difficult to shake off the thrill of watching your first free bitcoins roll in.

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