Free Cryptocurrency Giveaway Site Shuts Due To Hackers

A POPULAR free cryptocurrency faucet has closed due to widespread hacking attacks., sister website to the hugely successful (which is still open and thriving), closed at the end of August.

The owners have promised to honour all existing deposits and anyone who has built up a list of referrals is being offered the facility to redirect these to the main bitcoin site.

Why Is This Happening?

An official notice which has appeared on the freedoge website reads:

“As of today (August 31), the Free Dogecoin Giveaway on is shutting down.

“We’ve always viewed this giveaway as a means of giving back to the community, however, we’re compelled to discontinue the service due to large-scale account abuse on the part of some errant users. We know it’s unfair to the rest who have been amazing members of this community, but unfortunately, we have to take this step. We do not have the resources to fight back against this abuse since most of our time is spent on managing

“Also, we will eventually shut down the Multiply Doge section as well. Nevertheless, for now, paid and deposit plays won’t be affected and will keep running as usual. Thank you for participating and making the Free Dogecoin Giveaway the success that it was, and we hope we can keep making this remarkable community bigger and better.

“P.S.: The bitcoin faucet on our sister site is still going strong, and we’re giving away up to $200 in Free BTC every hour. We’ll be adding an option which would allow you to link your to your account, redirecting referral traffic accordingly. You can head over to to sign up and enjoy these benefits.”

Bitcoin Lives On

Users of will be relieved to hear the site is continuing, especially as it has built up a large following over the years.

Recently, the site has ramped up its betting offer with many games and outcomes to choose from.

Earlier in 2019 it also launched a giveaway where one lucky winner will scoop a Lamborghini Huracan or $200,000. This has now been extended and additional similar competitions are running.

This is in addition to the hourly free bitcoin giveaway of up to $200, the weekly free-to-enter lottery and hi-lo game.

Users can also earn interest on any bitcoin deposits of over 50,000 Satoshi and earn reward points for each faucet claim they or their referrals make.

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