CoinPot Adds A Statistics Page… And It’s Mind-Boggling!

If you’re a Fan of CoinPot, the cryptocurrency microwallet that collects free bitcoin earned by users, then you may have missed a new addition to the site this week.

Glance over to the left-hand panel and you’ll notice a new menu item has been added headed ‘Statistics’.

Clicking on the link takes you to page where, as the name suggests, you’ll find a whole raft of activity data from CoinPot users – and it’s frankly mind-blowing!

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Here’s a few choice numbers for you to digest from our last visit to the page at around 4pm GMT on a Friday:

  • Faucet claims paid – 3,299,768
  • Referral commissions paid – 1,343,878
  • Multiplier game rolls – 2,606,560,353 (yes, that is correct!)
  • Lottery tickets sold – 1,000,816
  • Challenges completed – 141,129

Bear in mind this has all happened in part of a single day! Extrapolate this across a year and the activity level is staggering.

The team behind CoinPot say they are releasing the statistics to provide “more transparency regarding how CoinPot operates”.

Anyone doubting the authenticity of this site will soon realise that, despite the occasional accusatory outburst in a cryptocurrency forum, this in fact not a scam based on these stats alone.

And from our own personal experience using CoinPot for nearly two years now we can vouch for it being a completely legitimate site.

Its aim is to allow users to collect tiny fractions of bitcoin together to make a larger pot that they can then transfer to their bitcoin wallet or gamble away.

It’s linked to the following free faucets (websites that give away tiny amounts of cryptocurrency for free as they earn revenue from displaying ads.

It’s definitely worth heading over to CoinPot and checking out the page as it’s updated every 5 seconds and makes fascinating viewing.

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