CoinPot Challenges System To Re-Launch After Abuse Forces Shutdown

The ‘Challenges’ system launched by popular bitcoin microwallet CoinPot last week then promptly closed due to abuse has relaunched.

Challenges, as the name suggests, involved completing a series of increasingly difficult tasks in return for stars and tokens which can then be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

Task included making a certain number of faucet claims per day, playing lottery games and rewards for the number of claims your referrals make.

Tokens are handed out for completing daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime challenges, with a specific progress page set up to show you how close you are to completing each task.

On top of the standard payouts, prizes are handed out to the top 25 users who collect the most stars over the course of a month. The top prize is 10 million CoinPot tokens.

The system launched on February 14 but was taken down just a few hours later with a statement posted on CoinPot stating that it was due to abuse.

The challenges page on CoinPot (currently unavailable until re-launch):

Here’s the statement in full:

“The challenge system is currently suspended due to abuse.
Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.
We are working hard to get this back up and running as soon as possible.
Some more information
Challenges WILL be coming back – but we need some time to ensure it works correctly and securely this time!
The stars and leaderboard will likely have to be reset – there is unfortunately no way we can guarantee the integrity of the current state
However, any coinpot tokens you have been rewarded so far are yours to keep!
No other parts of CoinPot are affected – everything else is working fine as far as we know, and your coins/tokens are safe
We will keep you updated with progress, please be patient.”

Then, on February 21, an update was posted, which reads:

We will be re-launching Challenges on 1st March 2019 (UTC)
All our security and performance testing is complete and was successful – we anticipate no problems this time (fingers crossed!)
The system will work exactly as before – with stars and tokens rewarded for completing challenges of varying difficulty :)”

Challenges has great promise and here at Freecoyn we’re glad to see it’s returning. Not only did it mean more earnings for faucet claimants, but also increased revenue for users who have built up a referral network.

CoinPot is a free microwallet designed to enable small amounts of bitcoin to be collected into one usable pot.

The free faucets connected to the service are:

All you need to get started is a bitcoin wallet (get a free one from Coinbase) and a free CoinPot account.

Then you can sign up to the free faucets using the links above and start earning. It’s that simple and won’t cost you a thing.

Faucets give away free cryptocurrency because they want people to keep on visiting and hopefully click on some of the ads they carry and earn the owners more money than they pay out in claims.

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