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Welcome to our very own high-paying, completely free Bitcoin faucet. Here you can earn btc quickly without any initial outlay.

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In the near future we hope to support more coins such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and possible Ethereum as well.

If you’re new to bitcoin faucets, please see out Faucet Guide and list of Top Faucets. If you want to find out more about mining bitcoin on your computer, see our Browser Mining guide.

Please enjoy!

Update: The faucet is current switched off while we iron out some script issues. You can still earn some free crypto by visiting the banners and using the links on this page!

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Useful information:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency supposedly created by a mysterious figure named Satoshi Nakamoto, which is assumed to be a pseudonym, in 2009.

The actual bitcoin network came online on January 3 of that year, with the first open source bitcoin client being release six days later.

Since that time the world of cryptocurrency has exploded, with hundreds of coins now available to prospective investors, although many of these are seen as junk coins and should be avoided.

There are numerous ways of acquiring bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocoins, several of which are covered on this site. Some of these are free, others require some initial financial investment.

One example of this is using a dedicated ASCII miner to mine coins. This equipment is expensive to buy and costly to run but it can ultimately produce a profit.


A free method of mining is through your browser using your CPU or GPU. However, it’s very difficult to make any real profit on your home PC because of the cost of electricity.

Additionally, browser mining software often triggers malware warnings from anti-virus software, even though a lot of is perfectly harmless. Coinhive, one of the biggest names in browser mining, uses your spare CPU power to mine Monero which you can then convert into BTC.

Other ways of earning bitcoins include trading coins on an exchange, completing surveys and offers, and claiming from free faucets such as those listed above.

Trading requires initial capital to get going and carries with it significant risks. It’s possible to lose all of your money this way because of the volatile nature of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general.

Lots of people search the internet for ways of earning money online, especially while working from home, and that’s exactly what earning cryptocurrency can be if approached in the right way.


It’s perfectly feasible to use many of the methods listed above using a home computer and a standard broadband connection. You may not earn a huge amount of bitcoin, but you can certainly start earning a few Satoshis (fractions of whole bitcoins).

Beginners should start by navigating around some of the links at the top of this page to learn the basics of cryptocurrency and wallets. You’ll need a bitcoin wallet to receive your coins, so this is something you should set up first.

There are plenty of free options out there, some of which we’ve covered in our ‘wallets’ section, and see the Coinbase wallet offer below. Once this is done you’re well on the way to earning your first free bitcoins.

The best thing about cryptocurrency is that you can start earning coins without any financial outlay – faucets, surveys and offers are completely risk-free. All you need is some spare time.

We hope you’ve enjoy reading this and that it has inspired you to dip your toes into the exciting world of cryptocurrency.