How To Earn Free Bitcoins With High-Paying Offers And Surveys

Free bitcoin (and alt coin) faucets are a great way to both learn about cryptocurrency while earning some coins at the same time.

But gathering a meaningful amount of coin can be a slow process if you are claiming from faucets alone, let along the RSI-inducing repetitiveness of clicking Captcha after Captcha in order to make your claim.

One mistake that people often make is failing to notice – or ignoring – the offers sections that several of the bigger faucets, such as Moon Bitcoin and Bit Fun, offer.

This is a costly mistake as there are some generous amounts of coin to be had by completing offers and sign-ups, and filling in surveys.

Before we go into more detail just a small word of caution – a tiny handful of offers require you to download an app to your mobile. In nearly all cases the app is completely legitimate and the process is trouble free, but just make sure you double check that it’s coming from a bona fide company.

Below is the Moon Bitcoin offers page:

As you can see, the pay outs for simply filling in a few quick surveys (as long as you qualify) are definitely worth the effort.

An even easier, although less profitable, way of adding to your earnings is by completing the flight search and travel offers that both Moon Bitcoin and Bit Fun feature.

They usually take the form of entering a departure airport and a destination, together with dates of travel, then clicking through to an advertising company’s website.

This takes a matter of seconds and can net six to eight times what you’d get from an average faucet claim which in some cases can take long once you’ve navigated multiple security checks.

Both Moon Bitcoin and Bit Fun run several offers of this kind, although they may be duplicated across both sites. You are usually given a notice that you have already completed the offer if you try to do it twice.

These offers can be completely daily as well, meaning that over the course of a week you can significantly add to your haul of coins with very little effort, and represents a much more efficient profit/time ratio than claiming from faucets.

There are also offers which you require to receive a link via email which will take you to a download page on the Android/iOS app store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up you’ll get your reward. The amount of coin these offers pay varies but it’s usually significantly more than the travel offers.

To reiterate – make sure that you are downloading the app from an official site and that you are happy to part with the details it asks you for.

You will also find a wide range of offers where you can earn bitcoins and vouchers from some big names such as Amazon and the like. Some of these also give you entry to prize draws for items such as iPhones and other tech.

Show Me The Money

In all cases payment should appear in your CoinPot microwallet account within a few minutes, although occasionally there is a longer delay.

When your earnings arrive in CoinPot you’ll notice that you will not be able to withdraw them straight away.

If you click on the ‘bitcoin’ tab on the left hand side for a more detailed view of your balance you’ll see two figures, one marked ‘current pot’ and one marked ‘withdrawable amount’.

This is self-explanatory and designed to prevent fraud and to catch people who are abusing the system by using various methods to complete the offers multiple times in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Sometimes it can take up to 10 days for your earnings to ‘clear’ in your CoinPot account but don’t worry – as long as you’re not trying to game the system your earnings will always go through as promised.

This is just a small snapshot of the extra coins you can earn from free bitcoin faucets. There are numerous other methods of boosting your haul which you will discover along the way.

Hidden Goldmine

The key to earning more is to thoroughly explore the faucets you visit to see what else they have to offer other than the standard click-and-claim Satoshis.

Often you’ll find a hidden goldmine somewhere else on the site and you’ll start to see your daily income increase dramatically if you make a point of taking advantage of the offers every time you cab.

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